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First Official Corrigible Release and Rocket Mode

With the addition of Rocket Mode, I have just made the first official release branch of corrigible, release-0.8.0.

Sadie Version 0.1.01 is in the works

After a long hiatus, Sadie development is again underway. It will be losing some specialized capabilities in favor of more robust, expressive, and generalizable capabilities.

Lightcastle Project: BeHealth

Landmetrics will be collaborating with the fine folks at Lightcastle to provide developer and administrative services to BeHealth Solutions.



PDFTricks will be a virtual filing system for small businesses. It will enable a workflow wherein a piece of mail may be scanned, tagged, and discarded and, should it ever need to be retrieved, it will be available via various searching and browsing options.


Corrigible makes ansible playbooks more friendly and maintainable.

Pemberton Eye Website

The Pemberton Eye website got a new look and a nice administrative interface.